Three major elements of product packaging design:

  • Speed – in the fast pace of modern life, logo design should be clear, concise and clear. ​
  • Accuracy – that is, the accuracy of the reflected content, the nature and characteristics of the company, group, trading company, and product must be firmly grasped.
  • Amount of information – reflects the breadth and depth of the content.

Product packaging design must first consider some important principles. Let’s try to discuss a few key points:


product packaging design must have a unique personality, which is easy for the public to recognize and remember, leaving a good and deep impression. However, relatively speaking, if the trademark is similar to others, it will look familiar and have no characteristics. A vague design will definitely not leave an impression;


product packaging design must have original ideas and shapes, and the same goes for trademarks. An original trademark is bound to leave a unique impression in the public’s mind and can stand the test of time. Originality can be created out of nothing, or creativity can be added to tradition and daily life to bring forth the new;

Contemporary nature

product packaging design cannot be out of touch with the times, giving people the impression of being outdated and backward. The trademarks of modern enterprises must of course be modern; enterprises rich in historical tradition must also inject the taste of the times, carry forward the past and open up the future, and set the trend;


Every organization and enterprise has different regionality, which may be reflected in the historical background of the organization, the cultural roots behind the products or services, and the scope and objects of the market. Product packaging design can have obvious regional characteristics; but relatively speaking, it can also have a strong international image;


The product packaging design must be suitable for the visual communication media used by the organization and enterprise. Each media has different characteristics or limitations, and the application of trademarks must adapt to the conditions of each media. Regardless of shape, size, color and texture, all must be carefully considered or made flexible to enhance the suitability of the trademark.

In short, it does not comply with the rules of form and modeling, which makes the product packaging design lose the power of artistic inspiration and visual impact. The design is basically concise, accurate and informative, but not beautiful. Some are not beautiful in appearance, and some are uneven in black and white.

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