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We look forward to provide you with high-quality prints that meet your expectations.

25 years of experience in the printing industry with deep understanding of color printing techniques, processes, andindustry trends.Customization and Flexibility with ability to cater to diverse client needs boffering customizable printing solutions.

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Guangdong Jinweida Color Printing Co. Ltd., modern color printing enterprise specializing in printing high-end packaging color boxes, includes cosmetics, alcohol, food, medicine, daily product, self-adhesive labels and paper bags, etc.The new investment of about 3.8 million dollars had been increased for the GMP standard dust-free workshop construction and put into use in 2015.An air shower to prevent the unpurified air from entering the clean area.It can reduce the The pollution problem caused and improving the cleanliness of the workshop.The factory has invested in a variety of production equipment to ensure high-quality printing services.Our factory is equipped with 3 German manroland high-speed automatic offset printing machines. With 7-color printing, varnish, UV quick-drying function

Screen UV printing machine can meet the needs of different colors and special logo designs.Die cutting and hot stamping unit, we are equipped with 3 machines to support the production of hot stamping, embossing, die cutting and other processes.The workshop is equipped with label printing machines from printing to finished products, automatic quality inspection machines for labels and boxes, etc. It is a fully automated production line.At present, the daily production capacity of the workshop reaches 400000 color boxes and 250000 self-adhesive labels, the products are exported to all over the world.24 years of printing experience, providing customers with one-stop professional customization services

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Since 1998, our team has been supported and cooperated with many brands

Prepress, graphic design, finishing options and fulfillment services. We are positioned as a one-stop solution provider. Provide a seamless and convenient experience for you