Looking at the current market, with the beginning of multi-faceted environmental protection policies, the market for portable paper bags has been completely opened. The use of portable paper bags has become more and more widespread. What advantages does it have compared to plastic bags? Today, Jinweida Color Printing Company will introduce you to the advantages of portable paper bags.

Advantage 1 of portable paper bags: economy

Many consumers may have the misunderstanding that hand-held paper bags look taller and must be more expensive than plastic bags, so they are reluctant to use them. In fact, hand-held paper bags are more economical and cheaper than plastic bags. Why? Because plastic bags can generally only be used once and the number of uses is extremely limited, while hand-held paper bags can be used repeatedly many times, and hand-held paper bags are easier to print patterns on. , the color expression is more vivid. In this way, it seems that portable paper bags are more economical, and their publicity and promotion effects are more obvious.

Advantage 2 of portable paper bags: firmness

Everyone knows that ordinary traditional plastic shopping bags are easy to break, and if you want to make them stronger, you will inevitably increase their production costs. Portable paper bags solve this problem very well because they are tough, wear-resistant, and more durable. In addition to being firm and durable, higher-end hand-held paper bags are also waterproof, feel good, and are not afraid of sunlight. Will fade easily and other characteristics. Although the price is more expensive than traditional plastic bags, its functional value far exceeds that of plastic bags.

Advantage 3 of portable paper bags: Advertising

It has the function of advertising and is also a major feature of non-woven shopping bags. The printing color of the hand-held paper bag is more vivid, the theme it expresses is clearer, and it is strong and durable. It is simply a “mobile advertising bag”, which brings great benefits to enterprises. The publicity effect is much greater than that of traditional plastic bags, and the high-end hand-held paper bags highlight the company’s grandeur.

Advantage 4 of portable paper bags: environmental protection

Portable paper bags are tough, wear-resistant and durable, and are environmentally friendly. They will not cause damage to the environment and greatly reduce the pressure on human waste conversion. Modern people have become increasingly aware of environmental protection, and the use of portable paper bags is only increasing, making them a good choice for people to shop. In areas with more developed economies, people’s environmental protection concepts become more prominent.

Many bags obviously bring greater convenience to life, but if the bags cause pollution to the environment after use, then they are not items that can be used for a long time. Plastic bags, for example, are non-degradable and need to be buried in the soil for a long time, which will have a certain impact on the soil and air. However, paper handbags use environmentally friendly production processes, and most of the materials produced are degradable materials.

Paper handbags can be easily degraded after use and will not cause pollution to the environment. Therefore, bags made of this material are popular among everyone like.

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